Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Final Preparation

Today is our final day of preparation for Tanzania. We are going on a nature walk around the neighborhood later today to practice taking our cameras out, switching lenses, and taking pictures. It is crazy how much I have learned the past few days! I am so excited to put my newfound knowledge to use. I am also excited to be with the people on this trip. I think everyone is awesome and I am ready to learn more about each person. But I will also miss my family! This trip never would have happened without my parent's support so thank you thank you thank you mom and daddy! This is the best birthday/graduation gift EVER I wish you guys were coming with me! I was shocked when you said yes I can't believe I am actually going to Africa. Thank you for trusting me and allowing me to go! I can't wait to make the book of all my pictures and share my trip with you and whoever else wants to hear about it! I will try to upload pictures and write about the trip as much as possible but the internet is so unpredictable and hard to come by so we don't know how often we will be able to log on. I already know this is going to be the best experience so far in my life and I am so excited to begin. Everyone pray that we make it there and back safely!

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